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About Iran

capital: Tehran


Language: Persian (Farsi) is the most widely spoken language .Azeri in the northwest around Tabriz. Arabic is spoken in Khuzestan in the southwest, Kurdish on the western part, there are so many dialect such as luri, bakhtiari and baluchi.

English , French and German are spoken by some businesspeople and officials.

Religion: Iranians are mostly Shi’ite, with a minority of Sunnis. 300,000 Christians, 80,000 Jews and 30,000 Zoroastrians.

Time: GMT + 3.5 (GMT + 4.5 from March to 21 September).

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs are of the round two-pin type.




Currency: Iranian Rial (IR), Notes are of IR100,000, 50000, 20000 and 10000. Coins are of IR 5000, 2000, 1000.

Currency exchange:  It is advisable to bring hard currency

for exchange purposes.

Credit & debit cards: Master card’s is accepted in some places,

 but credit cards should not be relied on as the means of payment.

So it is better to carry cash with you.

Travelers cheques: It is not possible to change travelers cheques.

Banking hours: Most banks work half day on Thursdays and closed on Fridays.



Fixed Public Holidays

11 February                                             Revolution Day

20 March                                                 Day of Nationalization of the Oil Industry

21-25 March                                            Noruz

1 April                                                     Islamic Republic Day

2 April                                                     Sizdah-bedar ( National day to end of Noruz, people send a day in the country)                

4 June                                                     Death of Imam Khomeini

5 June                                                     15th of  Khordad           

Moveable Public Holidays

Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatemeh (s)                                            FEB  20   2018

Birthday of Imam Ali (s)                                                            MARCH   31  2018

Mabas                                                                                    APR  14   2018

Birthday of Imam Mahdi(s)(12th Imam)                                       MAY  02   2018

Martyrdom Of Imam Ali  (s)                                                       JUN  06     2018

Eid Al Fitr                                                                               JUN  16     2018

Martyrdom of Imam Jafar Sadegh(s) (5th Imam)                          JUL  09   2018

Eid Al Adha                                                                             AUG  22    2018

Eid Al Ghadir                                                                           AUG  30    2018

Ashura                                                                                    SEP   19-20    2018

Arbaeen (The 40th day of Imam Hossein(s) mortyrdom)               OCT  30    2018

Death of Prophet Mohammad (s)                                                NOV  07     2018

Martyrdom of Imam Reza(s)                                                       NOV  08    2018              

Birthday of Prophet Mohammad(s) (Mawil of Nabi)                       NOV  25     2018




Iran Climate

Climate: Dry and hot in summer, cold in winter, low annual rainfall.

Required clothing: Light clothes is worn from April to October. Warm cloths are advised from November to March.


Iran  has a good and fairly inexpensive transportation system such as Taxi, Bus,  Metro (Underground). There is a good national bus network from major cities to all parts of Iran.                                                                                       


 An International passport, which should be valid for at least 6 months is required for immigration at the airport and for hotel procedures.                                                                                                 


Travel Insurance is strongly recommended for any possible loss or, damage to your luggage, medical emergencies and some travel related accidents. Consult your travel agent before departing.



Food & Drink:

Rice is the main food and the Iranians cook it superb. Dishes include chelo Khorest (rice topped with vegetables and meat in a sauces), Polo sabzi (Pilau rice cooked  with fresh herbs), polo shirin (sweet-sour saffron-coloured rice with raisins, almonds and orange), adas polo (rice, lentils and meat), Zereshk polo (Chicken and pilau rice), chelo Kabab (rice with meats  cooked over charcoal), Kofte (minced meat formed into meatballs), abgusht, khoreste badinjan (mutton and aubergine stew), mast-o khiar (cold yoghurt, chopped cucumber and raisins), and dolme (stuffed aubergine or peppers). Most Iranian meals are eaten with spoon and fork, but visitors may choose Western dish and eat with a knife and fork.

Fruit and vegetable juices are popular, as are sparking mineral water. Tea is also popular and there are many tea-houses (Chay-khane). The consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden.



Dress code:

Before visiting Iran make sure you have got appropriate clothing, which with the prevailing cultural norms of Iran. Hijab, the “traditional” Iranian dress code for women requires them to cover their body modestly.

A simple pair of socks and headscarf with a pair of pants and lose Shirt is what need to have on before coming to Iran, after arrival you can simply buy your travel cloths in any shopping center and mall.









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